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So long, Readmill, and thanks for all the fish

I wish it had gone differently. I don’t fault Readmill for selling at this point. They did excellent work. I’ve previously gone on record about my enthusiasm for their platform. (Which reminds me, I need to do a followup to … Continue reading

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What ebook production problems are self-publishers facing?

Driven by curiosity (as always), I’ve just spend a large part of my lunch break browsing through various forums[1], trying to get a handle on what problems self-publishers are facing when they are creating their ebooks. My impression is that, … Continue reading

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Many stories, many truths

Once upon a time there was a man from Iceland who attended a conference in Canada. The weather was, by any sane measure, awful. The temperature was borderline arctic. Snow covered everything. But it reminded him of home. So filled … Continue reading

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Problem statements for digital publishing research

The publishing industry has an absolute mess of unanswered questions that need further investigation if we are to solve its problems. Here are a few relevant problem statements, off the top of my head. I’d be very surprised if these … Continue reading

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To do, to do

Yesterday’s blog post is the last in the pile of previously unpublished posts that I intend to publish. There’s more left in the pile, about ten last I checked, but I’m not going to be publishing them. Some of the … Continue reading

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iBooks Author tempts you with bling

It’s very easy to make a decent-looking ebook in iBooks Author, then drop in a bunch of expensive and badly thought out interactive doohickeys and call it a day. This is a mistake. A regular book ‘decorated’ with interactive tumours … Continue reading

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Microsoft Word is a liability

Word has for many years now been the publishing industry’s de facto editorial and production format. Once you move into the world of digital, Word ceases to become a foundation and instead becomes a pair of cement shoes dragging you … Continue reading

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The print design mentality

Screen design isn’t print design and will never be print design, no matter how high the screen’s resolution gets. Digital design needs to account for a level of changeability and dynamism that print has never had to deal with. The … Continue reading

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Book contracts

Reminder to aggrieved authors: Nobody holds a gun to your head and forces you to sign a contract. — Don Linn (@DonLinn) February 12, 2014 Normally, whenever Don tweets anything I just nod my head in agreement and move on. … Continue reading

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Intermission: sorting through the banal

Everybody who knows what I do assumes that I’ve given up on print books. —You make ebooks? Haha, you don’t need any bookcases then, do you? Must be nice. Not that I haven’t used it as an excuse once in … Continue reading

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