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So I had to make an ebook cover…

Making ebook covers is a relatively new task for designers and there haven’t exactly been many lengthy discussions on the topic. If there were any lengthy discussions I completely missed them which is entirely unsurprising. (I was probably too busy … Continue reading

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So long, Readmill, and thanks for all the fish

I wish it had gone differently. I don’t fault Readmill for selling at this point. They did excellent work. I’ve previously gone on record about my enthusiasm for their platform. (Which reminds me, I need to do a followup to … Continue reading

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What ebook production problems are self-publishers facing?

Driven by curiosity (as always), I’ve just spend a large part of my lunch break browsing through various forums[1], trying to get a handle on what problems self-publishers are facing when they are creating their ebooks. My impression is that, … Continue reading

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Problem statements for digital publishing research

The publishing industry has an absolute mess of unanswered questions that need further investigation if we are to solve its problems. Here are a few relevant problem statements, off the top of my head. I’d be very surprised if these … Continue reading

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To do, to do

Yesterday’s blog post is the last in the pile of previously unpublished posts that I intend to publish. There’s more left in the pile, about ten last I checked, but I’m not going to be publishing them. Some of the … Continue reading

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Sex, education, readers, and futures: what works, what doesn’t

Now that I’m running down a long queue of mostly ready posts, it’s interesting to see which of them get traction and which don’t. These are posts that were written at varying times and in varying situations over the past … Continue reading

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Recipe for pundit response to Hugh Howey’s suggestions

Recently, Hugh Howey wrote two interesting blog posts that outline what changes he would enact if he became the benevolent dictator of a large publishing company. Don’t Anyone Put Me in Charge I recently posted an audacious claim that major … Continue reading

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Pessimistic ramblings and other fun links (week overview + further reading)

My stuff I wrote an end-of-year, start-of-year post Lot of people thought it was pessimistic and depressing. It’s probably depressing, but that’s because life is depressing (economic collapse, environmental collapse, corruption, plutocracies, etc., etc., it’s sensible to be depressed about … Continue reading

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The publishing industry’s new product categories

(This is the first post in a series on the publishing industry’s new product categories.) A while back it was popular at many of the bigger publishers out there to release apps that they called ‘enhanced ebooks’. Some of them … Continue reading

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The last two Knights and Necromancers stories

(This is the first Stumbling into Publishing post.) A while back I started an experiment where I self-published a series of sword and sorcery novellas. I’m ready to declare the experiment a failure for a variety of reasons. The biggest … Continue reading

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