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The inefficiencies of joy

The following is from Joseph A. Tainter’s paper Social complexity and sustainability (2006): Subsistence farmers also tend to underproduce, so that labor is underutilized and inefficiently deployed. Posposil (1963) observed Kapauku Papuans of New Guinea, for example, working only about … Continue reading

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What is actually going on in Iceland

Because I’m tired of you people spreading untruths Since people continue to spread the factually dubious statement that Iceland “told creditors & IMF to go jump, nationalised banks, arrested the fraudsters, gave debt relief and is now growing very strongly, … Continue reading

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Fantasy, Collapse, and a sense of history

A few incoherent random thoughts on fantasy and progress. One of the things that fascinated me as an adolescent reading Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings was its sense of history. The writing’s crap. It reads as if it were written … Continue reading

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