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Ebooks suck for learning

On Twitter earlier I said this here thing: There’s an implicit assumption in publishing commentary that the trajectory of media evolution (books, ebooks, websites, apps) is a known. That the long-term effects, drawbacks, & benefits of each medium will follow … Continue reading

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Wobbly Amazon

Breaking my blog silence for a thought I remember two or three years ago at Frankfurt (I think it was three years ago, but not quite sure) trying to convince people that Amazon’s position wasn’t as strong as the industry … Continue reading

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This week’s must-read post

Clare Reddington has written this here post (based on a talk she did) on some of the things she has learned from leading the Pervasive Media Studio and working at the Watershed. I could have quoted almost every paragraph but … Continue reading

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Friends don’t let their friends become authors

Being an Author is a Shit Job Even if you don’t believe any of the pessimistic reports and anecdotes about author income and even if you do believe all of the overly optimistic ones (hi Hugh ::waves::) being a book … Continue reading

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Both at the same time

I shouldn’t have to say this before but it obviously needs saying. Everybody speaks as if only one thing—the thing they want to be true—can be true at a time. Fucking morons. Large publishers can be giant evil amoral multinationals. … Continue reading

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So long, Readmill, and thanks for all the fish

I wish it had gone differently. I don’t fault Readmill for selling at this point. They did excellent work. I’ve previously gone on record about my enthusiasm for their platform. (Which reminds me, I need to do a followup to … Continue reading

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Many stories, many truths

Once upon a time there was a man from Iceland who attended a conference in Canada. The weather was, by any sane measure, awful. The temperature was borderline arctic. Snow covered everything. But it reminded him of home. So filled … Continue reading

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iBooks Author tempts you with bling

It’s very easy to make a decent-looking ebook in iBooks Author, then drop in a bunch of expensive and badly thought out interactive doohickeys and call it a day. This is a mistake. A regular book ‘decorated’ with interactive tumours … Continue reading

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Microsoft Word is a liability

Word has for many years now been the publishing industry’s de facto editorial and production format. Once you move into the world of digital, Word ceases to become a foundation and instead becomes a pair of cement shoes dragging you … Continue reading

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The print design mentality

Screen design isn’t print design and will never be print design, no matter how high the screen’s resolution gets. Digital design needs to account for a level of changeability and dynamism that print has never had to deal with. The … Continue reading

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