This is where the siblings Baldur and Jenný blog about their design, illustration, and publishing experiments. For more contact details, see the Contact Us page.


Baldur Bjarnason, a member of the post-crash Icelandic diaspora, has followed a two-track career.

On the one hand he has been making websites for much too long for it to be believable.

On the other hand he has been researching ebooks and interactive media for more than a decade, which has netted him more academic degrees than anybody has any sensible use for.

Heartpunk and related publishing experiments are his attempt to unite the two tracks.


Brynhildur Jenný Bjarnadóttir, animator, painter, illustrator, and artist, lives in Iceland with her cat and her art supplies (lots and lots of art supplies).

She studied fine arts in Florence, Italy and animation in the UK and knows more about art materials and supplies than is healthy for any single human being.