Baldur’s Stuff

Baldur is currently employed by Unbound and has been responsible for most of their ebook output from April 2013 onwards. Because he’s a lazy bastard, he’s been focusing on writing tools using node.js that make ebook production easier and quicker. Starting in 2014 he’s also occasionally been typesetting books for print using Pressbooks and Prince XML.

He’s spoken at conferences including but not limited to Books in Browsers, Booknet Tech Forum, The Next Chapter, Klopotek Publisher’s Forum, and Tools of Change Frankfurt. Google around and you can probably find some videos.

He used to be a web developer but most of that work disappeared when his previous employers variously rebranded, became bankrupt, or discontinued the products he had worked on. Which is part of the reason why he decided to try publishing: every month there’s something new out he can point to and say ‘I did that’.

Finally, he also writes a bit of fiction but doesn’t know what to do with it.