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Sanitation in fantasy world-building

Where I address one of the most important questions in fantasy fiction: But first… There are, roughly speaking, two different ways of approaching world-building in fantasy storytelling: mythological and anthopological. (Yes, I’m grossly simplifying things, bear with me here or … Continue reading

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I need your help

Studio Tendra’s first week has gone better than I expected (although the post on our cover design process kind of sunk without notice). We’ve seen some downloads, some feedback, some positive word. All in all pretty good for a five … Continue reading

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Designing the covers

One thing me and Jenný have in common with our parents is that we tend to talk about our work a lot. As a result we know way too much about linguistics and journalism (our mother’s fields) and psychology (which … Continue reading

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Free Kindle version

Giving away the first book in a series is a good idea, right? Right? One fun fact people tend to forget is that Amazon puts a price floor on all self-published ebooks: they can’t cost less than $0.99 unless they … Continue reading

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What is this?

This is the home to a series of publishing experiments. Me (Baldur) and my sister (Jenný) have joined forces in making books we hope you will find interesting. Some of you may know us from the work we’ve done separately. … Continue reading

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